Why HERS testing is essential during COVID-19

When the general public thinks about HERS testing they probably only think about comfort and efficiency.  However, I believe the most important aspect of our diagnostic testing is safety.  The state of California considers heating a necessity to both tenants and homeowners, and not a luxury.  This is the reason the HVAC industry has been operating during these tough times.

One of the mandatory measures in California for a newly constructed duct system is a duct leakage test.  Most people may see this test as a harmless efficiency test.  The truth is, if there is a significant air leak on the supply side of a system the home may be in critical negative pressure.  This will result in dangerous potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is our duty in the HVAC industry to educate homeowners and politicians that what we do may prevent serious health issues.  Rapid Duct Testing has continued to perform HERS testing during this pandemic and will continue to do so with extensive safety measures.  We wear booties, masks and gloves to every job. Please contact us for more information at 818-552-2044 or info@rapidducttesting.com.

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