The Why & How of the Rapid Duct Testing Portal!

The Why & How of the Rapid Duct Testing Portal!


Why should your company use the Rapid Duct Testing portal?

Rapid Duct Testing has been providing quality service for all of its’ contractors rating needs. Our dedication to making your experience with our company as efficient & hassle-free as possible lead us to the creation of the Rapid Duct Testing portal. The portal allows contractors to inform our company with the information needed to begin the testing process. The simplicity of the portal along with the many tools the portal provides for contractors is a perfect channel of communication between our company and each of our customers.

How to utilize our portal & its benefits to YOU?

The first step in utilizing our portal is to submit a request form with the necessary information we may need, which can be completed by following this link: Once this submittal has been approved you will be notified with your unique login credentials. This account will have your company name, email, and California Contractor License number. Having access to the Rapid Duct Testing portal, provides essential updates and information to all of your projects which are all easily accessible 24/7! Once your setup is complete, you may start uploading your job orders directly into the portal. We are also here to assist and show you and your team via a join screen how to use the platform effectively.

When you initially begin to fill out the information for a new job you will have the options of classifying your job as either a request for a CF-1R, HERS test, Permit, or HERS & Permit. The next steps following the classification are providing us with the homeowner’s name, phone number, address, and the scope of work that was completed for the job in question. This allows our HERS raters to have the necessary information required in field and at the job site, to ensure uncompromised quality of service.

Additionally, our proprietary portal also provides you and/or your team the option to add documents to the project that may be necessary for the job in question. Examples of such documents may include plot plans for pulling permits, or documentation that are critical for the scope of work. Not only are you able to upload documents for our review and inclusion within your project, but we will also provide downloadable documents within your specific and secure account. Some examples of downloadable documents include but are not limited to: Cf-1r’s, Permits, and even the HERS certificate!!! This will speed up the turnaround time for your to retrieve essential documents for each project, hence our mission to provide Rapid Care and unparalleled customer service to YOU, our valuable customer.

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