The Institute of Heating & Air Conditioning Industries

What Is IHACI?

Since 1948, the Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc. (IHACI), has provided a meeting place for contractors and businesses that distribute, manufacture, service or are involved with air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, ventilation and sheet metal. Rapid Duct Testing is proud to be a member of this valuable HVAC trade association.


IHACI was created so that HVAC professionals would have a forum where they could share their experiences and challenges in an ongoing effort to continue delivering the highest service standards.

The Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc. strongly believes in promoting adherence to governmental regulations and fair business policies, while preserving integrity in pursuit of achieving industry growth. As an active IHACI participant, Rapid Duct Testing commits to upholding these ethics and delivering the utmost in professionalism.

What Does IHACI Do?

One of IHACI’s main endeavors is to provide education, HVAC technician training and other programs designed to help deliver maximum efficiency and quality service.

IHACI partners with vocational schools and community colleges to provide free and accredited training for NATE (North American Technician Excellence), California Quality Installation, Maintenance and Service (CAQI/QM/QS) and more. Their aim is to ensure there will be qualified personnel to fulfill the ongoing demands of this industry and encourage HVAC providers to stay in compliance with codes and regulations. Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company and other California utility companies co-sponsor these classes which are held at their facilities. Rapid Duct Testing wholeheartedly appreciates IHACI for this, as they know firsthand the extreme importance of education and staying current with industry practices and advances.

As an advocate for its members, IHACI monitors current legislative issues and endeavors to inform members about the latest industry changes, and state, federal and labor laws.

IHACI’s affiliation with the California Contractors License Board, California Energy and Public Utility Commissions, Western HVAC Performance Alliance, and more, further safeguards that their members requirements are heeded.

IHACI members are joined in their common desire to reduce energy consumption. In this vein, IHACI offers classes which promote adherence to California’s Title 24 regulations relating to energy, which is at the core of Rapid Duct Testing’s mission.

For news of the latest products in the industry, IHACI holds a free one-day trade show annually for people in the HVAC, refrigeration and sheet metal businesses. Rapid Duct Testing takes an active part as an exhibitor to share information about their services with other HVAC professionals, plus, makes it a point to check out other exhibitors’ offerings and attends the seminars to stay current on industry advancements.

IHACI also connects consumers with reputable contractors that are up-to-date on their licensing, utilize the latest technologies and industry practices, while upholding the latest state and federal energy regulations and standards.

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