Air & Hydronic Balancing

HVAC balancing is the practice of combining air and water balancing to ensure that a HVAC system functions optimally.  What Exactly is Air Balancing? Balancing HVAC air flow includes measuring, adjusting and distributing the flow of air in HVAC systems within residential and commercial buildings so that air flow is adequate throughout all spaces. Air balancing contractors, like Rapid Duct Testing, conduct air balancing services to achieve balanced air heating and cooling. This involves testing heating and air conditioning systems,

Manual J & D

Manual J is a protocol created by HVAC engineers to help cooling and heating contractors select the proper home HVAC system size that a house needs for adequate cooling or heating. Manual J, also known as HVAC load calculation, is the process of data collection that establishes this. Why Manual J? HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are designed to condition indoor air so that the occupants of homes and offices will feel comfortable regardless of outside temperatures or

HERS Rating

HERS rating is the diagnostic method which completely measures the energy performance of a building to assess if it satisfies California Department of Energy regulations. HERS raters, like Rapid Duct Testing, conduct HERS testing for builders, contractors, HVAC installers and homeowners to ensure that HVAC systems and insulation are properly installed. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System, a system that applies to new and altered constructed residential and non-residential buildings. When HERS is triggered, a HERS rater performs HERS

Duct Testing

As a certified and professional HVAC test and balance company, Rapid Duct Testing takes pride in enlisting the latest methods of HVAC efficiency testing, to ensure the maximum integrity of the air duct system we are inspecting. To perform duct testing, specialized equipment is used to pressurize air through the duct system to determine if there is leakage and where it occurs, a procedure which can be done before or after building construction is completed. Air duct leak detection is

Educational Programs

To fulfill our goal of environmental and financial conservation, we give back by providing education to contractors and their teams in helping them readily achieve HERS permits.  With over a decade of experience and knowledge in HERS Testing and Title 24 Standards, our Founder and CEO, Mike Torosyan is confident in providing information about mechanical systems to your installation team and their assistants on how to abide by city and/or county regulations and pass a HERS Test. Our team trainings

Permit Expediting & Retrieval

The Building & Safety Division works with contractors and homeowners to ensure safe building design and construction, which are enforced through codes and standards that can vary depending on the city or cities it serves. Its main purpose is to create safety for not only the homeowner, but workers and the public. When preparing for a HERS Testing (HERS Rating) and full compliance with Title 24 standards, it is important to know that building permits are mandatory to ensure the

Energy Upgrade California Rebate

Throughout California, residents and business owners are making changes to create more energy efficient environments to live and work in. This can include big changes such as properly insulating their home to smaller changes like changing all lightbulbs to LED. Not only do these changes impact and improve our carbon footprint but they can also save homeowners and companies significant money on energy cost based on lower rates of consumption. Working together we can combat climate change, reduce waste of

Self-Serve Portal

Our customers have 24/7 access to our self-serve portal using their unique User Id and Password. The Self-serve portal is found on our website by clicking on the Professional Login tab. If you or your team members don’t already have access, you may request access by clicking on the ‘Request Form’ button found at the bottom of this page. Once we receive your completed request form, we will send you an email with your login credentials and instructions. BENEFITS OF

T24 Design Services

Rapid Duct Testing now offers T24 Design Services! Is your planned build California compliant? If you’re a California-based general contractor, builder, HVAC consultant or homeowner, your current residential building project will need to comply with the latest regulation called Title 24 (T24) of the California Code of Regulations. As Title 24 consultants registered with the State of California, we will work with you to find energy management solutions to align your project with the current California residential building code. We