Rapid Duct Testing & CalCERTS

Rapid Duct Testing and CalCERTS

CalCERTS has been a private Home Energy Rating provider with demonstrated expertise in home energy efficiency, building policy, science and standards since 2004. CalCERTS answers to the American National Standards Institute and International Renewable Energy Congress Standard and has been approved by the California Energy Commission to provide certification, service and support for HERS raters.

HERS, short for Home Energy Rating System, is a system that utilizes special diagnostic processes to analyze the energy efficiency of homes and assign a quantifiable rating for California state approval. Rapid Duct Testing values the services CalCERTS provides as they are staunch advocates of maximizing effective energy usage and upholding this system which ensures savings for homeowners and the environment alike.

While CalCERTS charges fees to process ratings and issue certificates, Rapid Duct Testing recognizes the value of this as CalCERTS also keeps a registry of information and forms that is easily accessible by building departments, contractors, governments and HERS raters. This eliminates the need for collecting hard copies, saves time, and being paperless, further supports green initiatives. The other compliance tool they provide facilitates quick determination of project status. Rapid Duct Testing utilizes this one-stop-shop daily to streamline operations and expedite project completion.

CalCERTS provides accredited courses at their training center such as Title 24 Energy Code, HERS Certifications, Building Department Trainings, EPA 608 and EPA 608 Type II Preparation Courses.

As CalCERTS recognizes that there are different types of learning styles they provide several different educational environments including traditional training rooms, lab settings for hands-on training as well as online modules. The online classes are well-suited for the schedules of busy professionals who want to keep informed about this fast-moving field, as well as for students who want to learn at their own pace. Rapid Duct Testing utilizes CalCERTS education on an ongoing basis to continue providing superior testing and service.

CalCERTS courses provide different levels of certification as well as an actual efficiency test house, that companies can rent whenever they need to train employees for energy efficiency, HVAC and HVAC Controls as well as for appliance combustion and safety, electrical, insulation and plumbing purposes.

CalCERTS offers a HERS rater location portal on their site that consumers can use to locate a certified HERS rater near them. Rapid Duct Testing has received several customers this way. Whether you want to determine your existing Home’s Energy rating, have a newly constructed home that needs to be inspected, with or without solar panels, or a non-residential newly constructed building, now that you have found Rapid Duct Testing you can look no further!

While registration with CalCERTS is required, it is free for building departments and conveniently available online 24/7. Rapid Duct Testing has utilized this value-added service when needing to meet important deadlines. Thank you CalCERTS!


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