Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade

Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade

What is the difference between Energy Upgrade California ® & Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade?

Energy Upgrade California ® is a statewide program focused on subsiding the consumption of energy usage to conserve and preserve resources and reduce the carbon footprint at home and in life. This includes small changes, such as LED light bulbs to larger improvements like energy efficient appliances.

On the other hand, Energy Upgrade California ® Home Upgrade is a more complete and all-inclusive “whole house” approach that considers all aspects of your home and is based on various tests conducted by Contractors and raters. Home owners are then advised on the most appropriate combination of changes that will create efficiency and energy savings both in terms of carbon footprint and cost-savings. This customized approach can be conducted by the experienced and professional team members at Rapid Duct Testing, who will work with you and/or your Contractor to provide proper car in making sure that you get the utmost efficiency possible given the unique specifications of your home.

As discussed above, a “whole house” approach is important because it takes into consideration the entire home and suggests improvements that will work together in long-term energy savings for the homeowner. This system is developed to consider the house or space as one engine working together in symphony, along with the resources available to create comfort with effectiveness.

There are two package options within the Energy Upgrade California ®Home Upgrade Program that are offered for rebate consideration and they are: Home Upgrade Package and Advanced Home Upgrade Package.

The Home Upgrade Package takes into consideration the exterior envelope of the home and helps to provide temperature comfort indoors, either cool or warm, depending on the outside environment. The package rebate eligibility is up to $3,000 and the qualifications for base measures for improvement include the attic, insulation in walls and floors, sealing of the ducts, air conditioning unit replacement (furnace and A/C), and much more.

An Advanced Home Upgrade Package, includes the updates discussed above within the Home Upgrade Package but may also include other upgrades such as equipment replacement, a tankless water heater or energy-efficient windows. A Contractor will work with the homeowner to develop a unique and customized approach in achieving a comprehensive recommendation to energy reduction. Rebates for the Advanced Home Upgrade Package can be as much as $5,500!

Beyond Home and Advanced Home Upgrade Packages, customers may also be eligible for savings over the allotted rebates of up to $3,000 and $5,500 and are dependent on the calculated energy savings, which will be determined by your Contractor and a Rapid Duct Testing rater.

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