T24 Design Services

T24 Design Services

T24 Design Services

Rapid Duct Testing now offers T24 Design Services!

Is your planned build California compliant?

If you’re a California-based general contractor, builder, HVAC consultant or homeowner, your current residential building project will need to comply with the latest regulation called Title 24 (T24) of the California Code of Regulations. As Title 24 consultants registered with the State of California, we will work with you to find energy management solutions to align your project with the current California residential building code.

We literally save you energy!

We are experts in navigating – and expediting– the complex, 12-part T24 mandate. When preparing to submit your blueprint for permit approval, we calculate the energy use of every aspect of your project:

  • Door, window and skylight installations
  • HVAC system
  • Planned insulation materials
  • Roofing design
  • Pools and exterior water features
  • Interior and exterior lighting placement

Through our skilled coordination and management of the permit process, we enable you and your team to stay focused on the many demands of the building project itself. And, our day-to-day working familiarity with T24 lowers the risk of permitting delays as the result of incorrect or incomplete submissions. Contact Us Today to Get Started!

Efficiency is our business.

We move your project smoothly through the permitting process by using Energy Pro Software to calculate projected energy use for your structure. This advanced modeling and reporting computer program was developed specifically in response to Title 24 requirements, to help designers and builders meet tougher compliance standards everywhere in our state. We use it to produce a highly accurate projection of every new build’s energy needs.

Here’s how we simplify your permit approval process:

  • We use state of the art software to calculate energy use for your project
  • We will register your blueprint as part of our permit-submission service
  • We will email the final, permit-approved blueprint back to you

We’ve built our reputation on accurate reporting.

T24 Design Services is the latest addition to our capabilities portfolio, adding to our comprehensive range of services relating to energy management.  We are certified by the State of California to conduct Home Energy Rating System (HERS) testing, to ensure that HVAC systems and insulation are properly installed. HERS testing is now mandated by Title 24 to assess compliance with California Department of Energy regulations.

Our self-serve portal makes every part of the process even easier.

As a Rapid Duct Testing customer, you’ll have complimentary 24/7 access to our self-serve portal. Sign up HERE and we’ll send you your unique User ID and password. When you get your login information, just enter the portal from our website by clicking HERE and complete tasks quickly on the streamlined dashboard.

Rapid Duct Testing supports California’s statewide goal to reduce energy consumption. We are based in Glendale, CA.