Duct Testing

Duct Testing

Duct Testing

As a certified and professional HVAC test and balance company, Rapid Duct Testing takes pride in enlisting the latest methods of HVAC efficiency testing, to ensure the maximum integrity of the air duct system we are inspecting.

To perform duct testing, specialized equipment is used to pressurize air through the duct system to determine if there is leakage and where it occurs, a procedure which can be done before or after building construction is completed.

Air duct leak detection is commonly referred to as a duct blaster test, duct leakage test, HVAC pressure test, duct blower test, blower door test and a HVAC smoke test. This extensive process may also include the following tests: a refrigerant charge measurement, fan watt draw test, verified air flow test, and maximum cooling capacity test.

Once our testing is complete, if we determine that there is an issue with the duct, we can provide HVAC air balancing, or we will refer back to the installer to make the necessary modifications.



Another step in measuring the energy and efficiency of the HVAC system of a building is to evaluate the building envelope, which includes the doors, floors, walls, roof, windows and skylights.

A sound building envelope will physically shield the interior of a building from external elements and preserve indoor climate, while one with a faulty air duct system and air duct insulation with gaps will permit cool or heated air to escape and external environmental factors to enter.

This building envelope leakage will adversely affect the energy rating and efficiency of residential HVAC systems, with the net result being high energy bills, poorly conditioned areas and occupant discomfort.

To prevent this, a building envelope leakage test is performed to determine if there any holes and pinpoint areas of leakage. This also reinforces the importance of performing the QII Test (Quality of Insulation Installation Test) to locate the location and extent of these gaps.

This building envelope leakage test is one part of air duct testing that makes it possible to properly manage the climate of a building and improve the health and well-being of its occupants.

The many different avenues for building envelope leakage makes it important to find a qualified air duct testing company. Rapid Duct Testing has enjoyed a stellar reputation for thorough inspections and standards of excellence that has permitted them to service multiple Fortune 500 companies, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks.