About us

Providing unparalleled customer service and rapid care to our valuable customers is what drives our team at Rapid Duct Testing.

A leader and pioneer in the HVAC Air Duct and Balancing industry, Rapid Duct Testing works with builders, contractors and homeowners to ensure maximum heater and air conditioning efficiency through HERS Testing and HVAC Air Balancing, among other complimentary services to provide a “whole house” approach to each unique space and environment.

Rapid Duct Testing combines its extensive HVAC knowledge and experience with passion to preserve the environment through the “whole house approach” in creating efficiencies and helping companies and homeowner’s conserve their hard-earned income.

Established in 2006 by our founder Mike Torosyan based on the passion and principal to help homeowners save money and reduce the consumption of energy, we set out from day one to deliver outstanding customer service and rapid services at unbeatable prices. Because of our central location in Glendale, Ca and low overhead costs, we can sustain our prices and remain very competitive within the industries we serve.

Rapid Duct Testing has been working with contractors, corporations and homeowners within Southern California for over a decade in providing superior services mandated by Title 24 – California Energy Commission.

Our Services Include:

  • HERS Testing (HERS Rating)
  • Air Balancing
  • Hydronic Balancing
  • Building Envelope Leakage
  • Manual J
  • Manual D
  • Permit Services, Permit Retrieval, Expedited Permit Services
  • Self-Serve Portal
  • Educational Programs
  • Energy Upgrade California Rebate

Rapid Duct Testing’s commitment to deliver superior value, standards and customer service, has been the pillar that has propelled us year-over-year in maintaining our standard of being the #1 HERS Testing and Air Balancing company within California, one air duct at a time!

Having the experience of working with thousands of contractors, homeowners and highly regarded corporations such as Chase Bank, KFC, UCLA, Starbucks, McDonald’s and like others, we pride ourselves in ensuring efficiency and efficacy through our quality of work and uncompromised customer care. We have been able to keep our reputation intact and customers happy by remaining committed to our standards of excellence in reducing costs and increasing efficiencies not only for our customers but for the benefit of the environment.


A:  Once the HERS test is complete and the contractor has been registered, certified reports will be sent out within 24 hours.
A:  The HERS rater will need access to every room with an A/C grille in it, access to the attic or crawlspace, and access to a 120 volt outlet.
A:  Our Air Balancing techs will need access to all dampers, grilles, mechanical plans, and units.  All components of the AC system should be operational including economizers.