All About National Comfort Institute!

About NCI

National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI), provides tools and services to help HVAC businesses, electrical and plumbing contractors set themselves apart from the competition in their mission to deliver maximum comfort and safety to consumers. They teach specific systems to help improve processes and offer membership groups as well. The business development tools they provide address each element of what is required to be successful, including those for management, marketing, sales, training, technical tools and coaching. Rapid Duct Testing has greatly benefitted from their consummate training and education, as have their customers.

About NCI’s Main Tool – Performance-Based Contracting

The primary tool that NCI teaches is Performance-Based Contracting™, a distinctive method and term created by NCI. Rapid Duct Testing, as a NCI certified professional, has been trained to thoroughly analyze HVAC systems, show customers the areas for improvement and how they can have a more energy-efficient performance. Technicians will carefully measure air pressure and flow and conduct other diagnostic measurements as part of their analysis and then recommend the necessary solutions. This system simply cannot be compared as it results in the highest consumer satisfaction. With Performance-Based Contracting the technician will succinctly communicate why the work is recommended and be able to provide proven documented results. This fosters clear customer understanding and confidence that the work will be properly performed.

This increases the accountability factor, plus gives HVAC technicians a morale boost and pride in knowing they are providing the best service possible, a priceless benefit.

NCI Training

NCI provides superior HVAC technician training. As they set the standards in airflow balancing, NCI is the place to learn this important element of home comfort. They also stress safety and carbon monoxide testing training to ensure that the companies they train deliver the ultimate in safety for their clients – saved lives. Rapid Duct Testing is proud to be NCI certified, to have participated in their trainings and be able share their valuable knowledge with the end user.

If you are concerned about the health, safety, comfort and energy efficiency of your HVAC system and are not sure where to turn, Rapid Duct Testing is the answer. You will not be left wondering if the work recommended by the technician was necessary and if it was done correctly.

You can rest assured that the person who comes to your home is trained by the best and will be professional. Training from NCI has equipped them to look for, eliminate and prevent hot spots, which is critical for maximum home comfort and efficiency. They can also determine other potential issues that may be detracting from your heater and air conditioner performance, recommend corrections as well as measure carbon monoxide levels to make sure your family stays safe.

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